Thai Lemon Grass Soup


Thai Lemon Grass Soup is a wonderful light meal on a cold night. It is packed with flavor from chili powder and curry paste–these spices can open up your pores and help your skin to breathe. It’s a sensory experience.

Jacob and I ate this super bowl of soup tonight while watching the super bowl. We ate the soup with a toasted crumpet (round English Muffin) and a shrimp salad. The soup is very simple to make–the hardest part is some of the ingredients you might not be able to get at your local market. I can assure you Cost Plus has all of these spices.


5 sprigs lemon grass
generous sprinkle of Chili powder
sprinkle of Pepper
sprinkle of Salt
1 tablespoon Red Curry Paste
Chicken (lean, cubed)
One carton of chicken broth
Shitake Mushrooms (a handful)
Ginger (one inch-chopped)
One shallot
One potato
olive oil spray
Rice noodles
one cup water


1. Clean the chicken
2. Cube the chicken
3. Put in pan with onions and sautee in olive oil spray
4. Add all ingredients into crock pot and keep on medium heat
5. About two out of three hours in, add rice noodles
6.When you serve the soup, don’t serve the lemon grass–that’s just to flavor the soup

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