Blake’s Five Pieces of Soul Food She Wishes She Knew At A Younger Age


1. Being attractive has nothing to do with mainstream beauty standards. It has to do with your energy. The essence of you. Ladies we are bringing the judgement on ourselves. It’s time to stop the self-flagellation.

2. Stop trying to be liked by everyone. It’s not ever gonna happen. People will respect you more if you have back bone.

3. You need to have faith and confidence that you will be able to manage whatever situation may come your way. This will help you with future uncertainty, something that’s part of life. Your ability to handle this kind of stress, and how you deal with it, will determine your success.

4. Don’t take finance advice from someone who is broke, relationship advice from someone who is single, or nutrition advice from someone who is unhealthy.

5. Don’t settle for what others told you reality can be. You can be happy now. Eliminate roadblocks and excuses. Stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I can.” Because, it’s simply the truth.

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