A Simple Steak


I had a trainer this year named Lisa who not only kicked my butt in the weight room, she gave me some great tips on cooking.

Lisa taught me that a great piece of meat doesn’t need a lot of handling. The prep work is very simple. I didn’t realize that trainers ate steak (and a lot of other seemingly heavy meats). I was wrong!

A great steak is a very sexy thing to serve someone you care about. It’s steak–satisfying, sumptuous, hearty, juicy meat. I gave this recipe last week to my friend who is in law school–doesn’t have endless time–and was making dinner for her new man. Whether you are cooking for a date, your parents, your neighbor or your self, this steak is a crowd pleaser.


Because I am an environmentally conscious-animal-loving-Jewish guilt ridden chef, I encourage you to buy meat that has some kind of stamp from an organization validating your purchase of an eco-friendly, fairly treated piece of meat. It matters.

Here is what you will need for your steak dinner for two:

Two big pieces filet mignon meat (leanest of the meats)
kosher salt
olive oil

Only four ingredients–not bad!

These are very easy steps, but pay attention. The timing has to be exact or the meat will be overcooked (or undercooked).

This is a science–and was inspired by direction from this SF Foodie.

1. Take meat out of fridge, wash with water, dry off with paper towel.
2. Pat down with thick grainy salt and pepper and let sit at room temperature for 25 minutes.
3. Preheat oven to 500 degrees.
4. Put your cast iron pan–or any pan you have–in small oven at 500 degrees.
3. Leave pan in oven for ten minutes.
4. Take pan out of oven and put it on the stove on high heat. Put a touch of olive oil on the pan and fry steak 30 seconds on each side.
5. Put steaks in hot oven and time steaks so they cook for exactly two minutes on each side.
6. Take steaks out of oven and cover with foil so they finish cooking for two minutes.

I served this steak with soba noodles in a light peanut sauce. Soba noodles are very easy to cook and you can purchase them in the dairy section from any Whole Foods (they are made of buckwheat). You can serve steak with yam fries, salad or just some roasted vegetables. Nothing too heavy as your steak is the star of the show! Enjoy.


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