The Chocolate VitaMuffin Weapon


Why is dessert stressed spelled backwards? It’s because eating food with no nutritional value stresses us out. We feel guilty.

But because I don’t want to live in a world without chocolate, if I cheat—which I do—I try and find desserts with some nutritional benefit.

I was in New York this week to speak at a conference. While I was in New York I was reminded of all the things I did when I lived there (five very fast-paced years). The conference hotel was across the street from Rockefeller Center where I used to attend my beloved Weight Watchers meetings.

The girls in my Weight Watchers meetings were not all overweight. Many of them were just trying to lose a few pounds. But I think secretly more than anything we just loved to talk about food–because (shhh), we enjoy it. We loved our Monday lunch meetings where we would laugh the guilt away, trade tips and tricks and offer compassion when life got tough (trading stories not food related).

Every meeting at least one person would volunteer a new top secret product he/she had found and we would all lean in for the scoop. Free money. That’s what we all want. Desserts that don’t include stressed!

One day someone very enthusiastically brought up a little known treat called the VitaMuffin.

The VitaMuffin is low calorie and high fiber–so it keeps you full. It comes in a variety of flavors but the best one is chocolate. Heat up this chocolate delight in the microwave or the oven. A “diet” dessert becomes a satisfying mouthful of chocolatey goodness.  I will warn you you might want to arm yourself with skim milk to wash it down.

Jacob (partner in food crime and boyfriend) and I tend to split one. We heat it and take about a third a cup of low fat coffee frozen yogurt and mix the two together. I will warn you, dessert will never be the same. And why go to Cold Stone and bankrupt your week’s allotted cheat points when you can eat healthier versions of things that are equally satisfying! Here’s to decadent dessert!

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