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Breaking Food Rules–And Other Uses of Sukhis Mint Chutney


There are no rules.

This is something I’m sure you didn’t hear the first cooking class you took–if you took one. It seems counter-intuitive, but I don’t believe in food rules. I believe you don’t have to use Chinese spices for Chinese food, or Mediterranean spices in Mediterranean food.

That being said, when I decided to make homemade Turkey Burgers for dinner, I opened the fridge and took out my favorite Indian salsa.

Turkey burgers are much healthier than regular burgers, and when you just want to bite into some juicy protein–they really hit the spot.

When I lived in New York City–and I was always too tired to cook–I would pick up dinner from the local eatery Chelsea Grill and I would order a delicious salad topped with a sumptuous turkey burger patty. And I can tell you after a long day of shlepping and hustling, there’s nothing like having someone else prepare a hot meal for you.

So for this dish, I advise you to invite someone else to enjoy it with you.

And if you are lucky, you might have access to a barbecue that would give you a nice smokey flavor for the burgers. If not a pan should work just fine.

For these turkey burgers you will only need a few ingredients, and the rest you can use your imagination. I’ll tell you what I used–but remember to make it your own.


The Sukhis product [client] used for this dish resembles a “salsa” but is called a “chutney” product. I love to surprise my taste buds by making dynamic and eclectic concoctions, so on this evening my turkey burger had a variety of non-traditional spices.


I buy Sukhis products at the local Farmer’s Market at the Embarcedero in San Francisco. You can follow Sukhis on Twitter here.


1 lb Lean ground turkey meat (free range)
1 egg
2/3 cup bread crumbs (panko or otherwise)
small handful of cilantro
one shallot of garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 shallot
2 or 3 tablespoons of mint chutney salsa
2 tablespoons fromage blanc cheese (optional)


Skin and chop onions and garlic
Chop into small slices and sautee in a tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat
Stir and simmer until browned
Mix in mint salsa into mix
Mix in fromage blanc cheese
mix ground turkey, egg, cilantro, add some salt, pepper and mixture from pan into a bowl.
Form round mounds and fry them until browned on both side.

Serve on a salad or on a whole wheat bun with ketchup and mustard and other fixings of your choice. Yum!


Monster Sandwich-No Shame, Big Flame


Today I literally almost burnt my apartment down. Hence the title of the blog.

This was while my mom was telling me she’s going to CRM Evolution this year with a friend. Hah–you never know when your world will collide with your mom.

Before this happened I dragged Jacob through a one hour run today. The weather was pretty overcast–perfect for a jog.

Before that happened Jacob went out and bought really fresh sourdough from a local Italian bakery in North Beach this morning.

When we came home famished from our run I wanted to make a killer sandwich–monster sandwich–since we earned it by shleping in the fog in our running gear. A lot of the ingredients of this meal are from Trader Joe’s. I am a huge fan of this grocery–they have the best products at the most competitive price, and the customer service is excellent. In addition they ALWAYS have samples of food and coffee. Love that!

For this sandwich you will need:

1 Baguette
3 slices of Turkey Bacon (I get this from Trader Joe’s).
1 handful of heirloom tomatoes (again TJs).
Few pieces of mustard lettuce–or Romaine if that’s what you have–any crunchy lettuce.
Drizzle of Fat Free feta (TJs).
Aoli Mustard (TJs).
Jalapeno Chutney (DELICIOUS–a nice contrast to the salty bacon). You can follow the brand @Sukhis on Twitter. Order some!
Shallots (to cook the bacon in).
Olive oil spray (cuts the calories of regular oil).
1/2 cup Dreamy Mushroom Stoup (a shmear of this replaces the density of a fatty/creamy cheese–this is an optional addition).

Putting the Monster Sandwich Together.

There’s no science to cooking this monster sandwich.

The only work comes from frying up the shallots & turkey bacon.
Toast the bread.
Heat the thick Stoup.
Add the rest of ingredients.

Wallah. You have a monster sandwich–lots of flame–no shame. But not too much flame. Don’t talk on the phone with your mom and cook at the same time. Can be dangerous ;-]