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Indian Inspired Hot Lamb Stew


Yes I eat lamb–it was one of the traits from New York that I didn’t leave behind. Red Meat. When I came to New York I was a vegetarian for six years.

Now that I’ve gone lamb I can never go back.. ;-]

Ingredients for Blake’s Indian Inspired Lamb Stew

Curry Powder (buy at your local Farmer’s market or Cost Plus)
Masala powder (buy at a local Indian Market or Cost Plus–goldmine for rare spices)
Garlic Powder
Kosher Salt
Two large flank steaks of lamb
olive oil or rosemary oil
Indian potato barata (bread)
Mango Chutney (Indian Market)
Raita (indian yogurt)
Veggies->cabbage, leeks, broccoli, kale, carrots and any other greens
Fingerling potatoes

Rice (preferably long grain)
Soy Vey

Pomegrante (optional)

Don’t be overwhelmed by all of these items. You don’t need every spice nor do you need every vegetable. Be creative. Spice as you go (and as you taste). I generally do things in spritzels (generous sprinklings) or teaspoons.


1. Wash lamb, cut off the bone, cut fat off.
2. Take onions and carmelize them in the garlic and the oil. When soft add chunks of meat.
3. Add curry powder, masala, garlic powder and pepper.
4. When brown add into heated crock-pot (high heat).
5. add all veggies (after washing, cutting into bite-size pieces).
6. Add all spices in generous amounts (no dumping but you know what I mean).
7. Cover the top of the crockpot and leave on high heat for a minimum of three hours.
8. Continue to check on stew making sure flavors are rich.
9. Boil rice. When cooked, add Paprika and Soy Vey for flavor (rice is bland on its own-in my high maintenance opinion).
10. Add pomegranate seeds to rice.
11. Top rice with lamb stew.
12. Add Raita and chutney (a dollop of each).
13. Toast Barata bread.

ENJOY! (mostly veggies, lean lamb and lots of spices makes this a guilt-free meal).

Please excuse this poorly iphone shot photo–my boyfriend thinks I need to add authentic pictures…I will get a better camera for you all ;-]
Hopefully the poor quality makes this look more DIY and adds value. Anyway good food should be a lil messy!