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Blake’s BMI-Friendly Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothie


Ok friends–some of you have been following my food journey on Facebook and I have been cooking like a madwoman…and loving every minute of it.

But it’s time to start thinking about Summer and the fact that the weather is warming up. It’s time to start considering BMI–body mass index.

That means more of the five S’ that help keep your body happy. If you order one of these when you are out to eat you won’t “break the bank” so to speak.

My Five S’ Are:


Smoothies can be a little dangerous if you buy them out because you really don’t realize how much fruit it takes to blend into one (usually very large) drink.

But I love smoothies so I wanted to do my own experimenting. I recently purchased a blender and I am in love with blending.

In addition, when you leave New York–where you are walking constantly–you need to up your work-outs. So that being said I have been lifting weights again and running longer distances so sometimes when you need a pre-work out snack, a protein shake can really do the trick.

You only need three ingredients for the next recipe–if you want to skip to the directions because you have the ingredients just scroll down ;0]

2 tbl spoons Better N’ Butter
2 tbl spoons Aria Protein Powder
1 frozen banana (peal before putting in freezer)

I recently found Aria protein powder (for women) available at your local Trader Joe’s.

It’s low-fat, low calorie and high protein. Ladies you need protein just as much as your meat-head boyfriend. (This doesn’t offend Jacob).

Aria Protein Powder for Women-Vanilla (formerly ISIS) 12 oz Powder 

Now that we have talked about Aria powder I have a secret to tell you. I have had a peanut butter affinity since I was a kid–and I never kicked it. And why should I?

Lucky for me I’ve discovered a wonderful new treat that replaces my beloved–and very fatty–peanut butter–when my body tells me I need to take a break from peanut butter.

I found Better N’ Butter–and in the process of making this the plant takes out much of the fat of the peanuts pretty much just keeping the periphery of the peanut. For two table spoons it’s 85% less fat than real peanut butter and 40% less calories.

Better N Peanut Butter Original Creamy Peanut Butter
I make a wonderful peanut butter banana smoothie–a perfect treat before or after a good sweaty work-out!


Take 1-2 tablespoons of this thick butter, one banana (frozen is ideal), two tablespoons of aria powder and some ice (if banana is not frozen).

If you want you can adjust the ingredients adding skim milk (I buy lactaid because it’s sweet), a little water or fruit instead of the butter.

Blend that baby!

Wallah! A perfect pre-workout treat quenching your salty/sweet craving.